Cryptopus is an upcoming collection of cute octopus NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Cryptopus has five arms, three hearts, nine brains — and one plan. Save the Ocean. To execute this mission, he needs your help to clean the Ocean from plastic pollution and reduce climate change to stop the coral bleaching. Coral reefs are the most diverse habitats on the planet and provide a home for millions of species. In the last 30 years, we have lost over 50% of the world’s corals by virtue of global warming. The Cryptopus Family is trying to decrease this number with help of the blockchain Technology. 


Public Sale 🏁

Public Sale is live!



We are going to partner with cool projects in the NFT & Crypto Space that follow the same Mission as Cryptopus.


Token launch 🐙

Launch of our own Token called Octoken! You will be able to earn $OCTO by doing daily quests and playing mini-games in our play-to-earn game.



We are going to make a big donation to the organization behind the netflix documentary " Chasing Corals". Coral reefs are the ocean's most diverse and complex ecosystems, supporting 25% of all marine life. Coral reefs provide habitat for a large variety of marine life, including sea stars, the octopus and many species of fish.


Real Life Events 🥳

Holders will have exclusive access to our real life events. First two Cryptopus Meet ups will take place at Paris NFT Day 2022 and Art Basel 2022.


NFT Play-To-Earn Game 🎮

We are going to release our planned Cryptopus Metaverse Game. Use your Cryptopus NFT to clean the Ocean in this Play-to-earn Game. Make a real impact on helping to safe the ocean by playing this game.

2022 - 2024

Future Plans 🚀

✅ Mobile version
✅ Land Sale
✅ VR Version
✅ Merch
✅ Ocean clean up Events



Cryptopus NFT Holders will have exclusive access to The Play-2-Earn Gaming Experience. A very special place to play different minigames, earn crypto, have fun between members of our community and help saving the Ocean by with many upcoming Charity Projects we are currently working on.

695 Cryptopus will be minted.

Origin Collection is SOLD OUT.

0.1 ETH + Gas Fee.

There are different properties to be discovered! Background / Skin / Glasses / Eyes / Mouth / Hat / Accessoires.

Cryptopus Holders will have exclusive access to The Play-2-Earn Gaming Experience. A very special place to play, earn and have fun between members of our community. Available in 2022.

You will need to have a web3 wallet with Ethereum funds ( e.g. Metamask ). You will connect your wallet to our official website and mint the NFT token on launch date.


Co-founder & Artist


Co-founder & Developer


Web Developer


Discord Supervisor




Game Developer